Here are some tips when working with coloured gemstones:

  • Never put Emeralds or Tanzanite in the ultrasonic. This can remove the oil in Emeralds and the gems may fracture.
  • Don’t put Peridot in acid as it can etch the surface.
  • Beware of thermal shock which can shatter, fracture and damage gems.
    • Do not rinse in cold water after cleaning in a hot ultrasonic.
    • After heating gem set jewellery with a jewellers torch do not quench in water or acid.
  • Organic gems eg Pearl, Amber, Coral and Jet will burn or melt if heated and may be damaged in acid.
  • Be careful when using emery or filing near gems as they can be damaged by both.
  • Avoid repairing gem set jewellery with heat where possible. Ensure jewellery is very clean before heating as once dirt is burnt onto a gem or diamond it is impossible to remove and will ruin the beauty of the stone.
    • Tiny inclusions in the gem may expand and cause damage.
    • The gem surface may be damaged.
    • Certain gems including Amethyst , Citrine and Zircon may lose their colour or change colour.
    • Check coloured gems and diamonds are not glass fracture filled prior to heating.
  • For hand crafted jewellery always purchase the gem before making the setting as sometimes imagination may not match availability.
  • Exact calibrated sizes are not always available in coloured gems, be flexible and you will have a greater choice.
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