An acceptable process within the industry

Although Hamid Bros keep a range of unheated Sapphire and Rubies, it is restricted due to limited availability of quality unheated stones within the market. Heating is a traditional and accepted process that has been recognised within the gem industry for over 50 years as no outside elements are added to the crystal structure. Various gemstones including corundum, quartz and beryl may undergo some form of heating at a range of temperatures to produce different results. Only suitable Sapphires and Rubies can be heated to enhance their appearance. This process reproduces the natural heating that occurs when Sapphires and Rubies experiencing thermal venting in the earth. Sapphires and Rubies are heated to temperatures ranging from 1100 to 1600°C to improve clarity and / or colour and overall appearance. No radiation, chemicals or health risks are involved in this traditional practice and the result is permanent. Heating is common with the vast majority of natural Sapphires and Rubies available today and many other stones including Aquamarine, Citrine, Zircon etc, undergo low temperature heating which is not always detectable. Without these treatments there would be a very limited supply of attractive gems available and prices would be extremely high.

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