We have listed some of the more common questions asked by our customers.

Please email our office if your question is not answered below.

1. My customer wants to know the Country of origin of a Sapphire, what does “Ceylon Type” mean?

A similar range of colours in Sapphire from pale blue to fine deep blue are mined in Sri Lanka and Madagascar. In most cases it is impossible to accurately separate them so we class them as “Ceylon Type”.


2. I ordered a 1 carat round gem to fit an existing mount, although it weighed 1 carat it was too small. How can I order the correct size?

If you need an exact size it is best to order by measurement in millimetres.
All gems have different specific gravities (densities) and therefore will measure differently for the same weight. Also the cutting will be a factor in the size and weight as not all stones are cut exactly alike.


3. I am going to channel set Rubies next to 0.03ct diamonds what size Rubies should I order?

In the ABOUT GEMS section of our website there is a section on Sizes and Weights, this will help you work out the size you need to order. It is best to order small coloured gems in millimetre sizes.


4. I am going to Thailand for a holiday, where can I go to buy gems?

There is no guarantee that you won’t be sold a treated, synthetic or poor quality gem, or any guarantee that you will be paying a fair price. It is safer to buy through a local reliable source.


5. I have to re-tip a ring, can I put the gem through the heat?

Avoid applying heat to gems wherever possible.

See the Workshop Warnings in the ABOUT GEMS section of our website.


6. Why can’t I get a coloured gem of the colour, size, shape and price I want?

All coloured gems are unique and individual. It is virtually impossible to satisfy all those requirements. Be flexible and you will have a much greater choice.


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