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A brilliant yellow to brownish green garnet with excellent dispersion and lustre. Rare in sizes larger than 2cts. The only known source is Mali the largest country in West Africa.

 Image of Mali Garnet.


A wonderful bright gem in burnt orange to vibrant orange also known as Mandarin Garnet.


Image of SpessartiteGarnet.


First found in East Africa in the mid 1960’s first thought to be Spessartite but was found to fit between existing garnet groups and was termed Malaya, Swahili for “out of the family” or “prostitute”. It’s magnificent colours range from pinkish orange to reddish brown and a multitude of shades in between.

Image of Malaia Garnet.


Also called “Cinnamon stone” is also found in orangey and rich brown tones. It often has a treacle like internal feature.


Image of HessoniteGarnet.


Mined in the Tsavo National Park in Tanzania and Madagascar it is available in vibrant shades of green and is a great alternative for emerald.

Image of Tsavorite Garnet.

Colour Change Garnet

Found in Africa & Sri Lanka, has a colour change similar to Alexandrite. From reddish purple in incandescent light to steely blue, green or greyish in daylight. Gems over 1ct are quite rare.




Image of Colour Change Garnet.


Meaning “diamond like lustre” is a magnificent bright green, it is very rare and usually only available in small sizes.

Image of DemantoidGarnet.


Reddish brown Pyrope Garnet and Purplish Red Rhodolite are commonly used in jewellery. There are many beautiful lesser-known varieties now available. Garnets are not heat treated and no other enhancements or synthetics are known at present.

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